Our Story

Brannon consists of award-winning songwriter/lyricist Jonathon Brannon and highly acclaimed studio vocalist David Cagle.

Brannon vocalist David Cagle has shared his versatile vocal talents with bands and projects like LastWorld, Marty and the Bad Punch, Liberty n’ Justice, JK Northrup & David Cagle, February Fallen, Silent Tiger, just to name a few.

Jonathon and David, whom have never met in person, have been creating songs together since 2007, all of which, have been created entirely online.

After Jonathon decided to release his music to the world, he decided it was time for an official artist name. He choose “Brannon”, his last name, taking inspiration from one of his favorite band/artists Daughtry, with the thought that when you heard one of their songs, you knew it was from Brannon.

Brannon has released two Acoustic Rock albums to date. The 2014 debut album “Welton St.” and the highly acclaimed 2017 sophomore album “The Road Less Traveled”.

Brannon has also released a collaborative Hip Hop album “The Rocket, The Rappers & The Lyricist” in 2015, which featured the fan favorite “Gridiron”. As well as the follow up "The Rocker, The Rappers & The Lyricist Vol. 2" on May 1, 2020, which includes their biggest song yet, "Gridiron 3".

In addition, Brannon has also released several Hip Hop singles, including the immensely popular “Gridiron 3”, as well as several Rock & Acoustic Rock singles to date.

Currently, Brannon is working on their third & fourth Acoustic Rock albums titled “Wish You Were Here” & "Everyday Heroes", scheduled for release later in 2020..

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